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Model No PW-PPL-015
Produce name Konbanwa Pillow
Product Size (cm) 60x50x12cm
Material out cover: 100% cotton
Inner cover: 100% cotton
Filling: 100g(plastic Tube)+900g ...
Model No PW-PPL-013
Produce name Tri-Core Fiber-Filled cervical pillow
Product Size (cm) 61x41cm
Material out cover: 100% cotton
Inner cover: 100% cotton
Filling: 100% ...
We now recently supply Air Flow Convoluted mattress to UK customers, Now we also remmend to you and you can consider for future reference. Convoluted layers in single/dual air flow ...
Model No PW-PPL-027
Produce name Medical pillow
Size: 60x45x13cm:
Color gift box size: 61x46x13cm
The front is corma shape memory foam and the back is microbeads 650g filling ...
Model No PW-MPL-016
Produce name memory foam twist pillow
Product Size (cm) 68x10x10cm
Material 100% velvet
Filling memory foam
Bend it! Shape it! Twist it! The Twist ...
Model No PW-MCU-015
Produce name memory foam seat cushion
Product Size (cm) 40x8cm
Cover: Velvet
Filling 100%polyurethane
This cushion provides pressure relief ...
Model No HK-MSP-004
Produce name cup holder
Product Size (cm) 12x11x6.5cm
Material PU
Don′t drive yourself crazy trying to reach gear that′s shipping off the seat, ...
Model No PW-PPL-026
Produce name Tri Core Cervical Support Neck Pillow
Dimensions: 24" x 16" (16 cm x 41 cm)
Material out cover: 100% cotton
Inner cover: 100% cotton ...
Model No PW-PCU-012
Produce name Pressure Reducing Pillow

Pressure reducing pillow lets you sit comfortably for long periods of time by reducing friction on sensitive areas. ...
Model No PW-PPL-020
Produce name Girlfriend Lap Pillow

A pillow called the "Lap Pillow" will be released. It is a pillow imitating a woman′s legs made from urethane foam. ...
Model No: PW-BPL-005
Produce name: Girl Friend Pillow
Product Size (cm): 48x58cm
Material: Spandex fabric, Micro-beads
Packing: OPP

Give your favorite lonely PAL a ...
Model No PW-MPL-023
Produce name memory foam travel pillow
Product Size (cm) 30x25x9x5x7cm
Our cover 100%polyester
Inner cover 100%cotton
Filling memory foam ...
Concave Snooze Comfort Pillow (PW-BPL-020)
Outcover:Jacquard velvet
Filling:Polystyrene beads
Foot rest memory foam pillow:
Size: 49.5x20x10cm, 50D memory foam
Velvet color available in several colors
Sensicush foot rest is perfect for the home and office. The soft and ...
Model No PW-PPL-008
Produce name Snoogle Pillow
Product Size (cm) 152.5x68.6x15.2cm
Material out cover: 100%Cotton
Inner cover: 100%cotton
Filling: 100%PP cotton

The ...
Model No PW-MPL-024
Produce name Contour CPAP Pillow
Product Size (cm) 50*30*10/2.5/7CM
Oneside cover 100%velvet
Another cover 100%cotton
Filling memory foam ...
Model No PW-MPL-015
Produce name Contour memory foam leg pillow
Product Size (cm) 25x20x14.5cm
Material 80%cotton and 20%polyester towel fabric
Filling memory foam
The ...
Comfort of Memory Foam with Conventional Cushiony Support.
Easy to Take the Comfort with you Anyway You Go.
Support Neck, Lumbar, Anywhere Needed.
Size: 37x26x11cm ...
Product name: Spandex Beads dog
Item No.: PW-BCU-030
Size: 43x20x12cm
Filling with beads
Model No PW-MPL-020
Produce name girl friend friend
Product Size (cm) 43x28x14cm
Material single Jersey
Filling memory foam
Give your favorite lonely PAL a little company ...
Model No PW-MPL-055
Produce name Memory Foam U Pillow
Product Size (cm) 35x35x12cm
Cover 100%velvet
Inner memory foam

Memory Foam U Shape Neck Pillow - ...
Model No PW-PPL-023
Produce name Flip 2 Firm QnKing Pillow
Specify size: Standard or queen/king
Material out cover: 100% cotton
Inner cover: 100%cotton
Filling: 100% polyester ...
Provides Full Upper Body Support and Stress/Anxiety Relief.
Acts as an "Easy Chair" for your Bed - No More Struggling with Pillows! Perfect for Reading, Working on Lap Top, ...
Model No PW-MCU-022
Produce name 360′ Rotation Seat Cushion
Product Size (cm) 39.5*4.5CM
Cover 100%polyester
Inner High Resilience Foams, ABS
Ideal for getting ...
Reduce pressure and stress with the ultra comfortable, Spine Reliever Leg Wedge from Jobri. This heat sensitive, dust mite-proof viscoelastic Memory Foam support cushion conforms ...
Model No HK-MMT-017
Produce name 3 folding mattress
Product Size (cm) 100x200x7cm
Cover 100%cotton
Filling High Resilience Foams
It′s portable comfort with ...
Model No PW-PPL-022
Produce name Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow
Dimensions: 23"x15"x3"; Fits standard pillow case
Material out cover: 100% cotton
Inner cover: 100%cotton ...
Model No PW-MPL-056
Produce name secret spring pillow
Product Size (cm) 60x29x12cm
Cover 100%velvet
Inner memory foam

The Secret Spring ...

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